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Lancet partner to develop and commercialize new medicines in Russia ChemRar High Tech Center.

The partnership with Lancet is an excellent opportunity for the advancement of medical innovations in Russia, and improving usage of medicines and better healthcare for Russian people , – Andrey Ivashchenko, Chairman of the table of directors of ChemRar, said.. ChemRar, Lancet partner to develop and commercialize new medicines in Russia ChemRar High Tech Center , the Russian pharmaceutical expense and R&D group, and Lancet, Russian Distribution Firm, have declared collaboration for research, advancement and commercialization of brand-new medicines in Russia with the intention to stimulate the innovative advancement of the Russian pharmaceutical industry. Continue reading

The study appears this week in the journal Cancer Research.

The study appears this week in the journal Cancer Research. Oxidative stress, whichese TiO2 nanoparticles are not toxic, that not to stir up a chemical reaction. Instead surface interactions that the nanoparticles in the environment, in this case within a mouse – the cause of genetic damage, said Schiestl. They travel through the body causing oxidative stress, which may lead to cell death.

It has been long known that brain regions are involved in the frontal part of the brain in short-term memory, thetae processing of visual information is mainly on the back of the brain. To successfully, however, remember visual information over a short period, have remote remote regions and to integrate information. Continue reading

In collaboration with Prof.

In collaboration with Prof. Role in the regulation of bone densityimportant insights for dealing with osteoporosis The brain plays an important role in maintaining proper bone density, researchers have revealed in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

The investigation was part of a project to clarify the connection between the brain, Behavior and changes in the skeleton directed performed. By the by the support Bikura[First] Program of the Israel Science Foundation, the pioneering, innovative, interdisciplinary initiatives. Continue reading

Not the adjacent pigment than previously thought.

Analysis of cell cultures confirmed aberrations in the cones themselves were the cause of the problem, not the adjacent pigment than previously thought.

A description of their work will be published online and in print in the Journal of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology are today.The discovery provides a target to treat and prevent blindness from the disease , which also causes a Goldmann – Favre syndrome in about one in in about one in 1 million people. Continue reading

Of Cell Biology.

Of Cell Biology. Understanding of conditions of Heart Failure To CancerProper formation of the proteins power heart and skeletal muscles at a precise concentration of a chaperone protein known as UNC-45 exit seems, according to a new study.

Chaperone proteins guide other newly formed proteins into the forms that allow they to meet their specific functions.In muscle cells, UNC-45 acts as a chaperone for myosin proteins, helping them fold into long, thin stable structures which clump the thicker yarns, with C.nd skeletal muscle to give its striped appearance form. Chemical signals cause these myosin filaments to contract – producing a heartbeat, for example, or an arm movement. Continue reading

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