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Cellumen’s Rat Hepatocyte Early Protection Assessment Panel boosts predictivity for human DILI Cellumen, Inc., a discovery and early safety assessment firm, today announced that its in vitro Rat Hepatocyte Early Safety Assessment Panel provides increased predictivity for individual drug induced liver damage equal to that of a lately published panel made up of individual hepatocytes viagra jelly . The implications of the study have a substantial impact on price and throughput for in vitro human DILI predictive solutions.


Several million people are identified as having lung cancer every full year, the most typical cancer in the world and the leading cause of cancer deaths. Chemotherapy remains the most efficient treatment choice, involving a diverse selection of drugs, used in combination often. However, the emergence of drug-resistant tumours in NSCLC means chemotherapy no longer holds the guarantee of a good outcome for many individuals. Elevated expression of bIII-tubulin has been linked to drug level of resistance in NSCLC, ovarian and breast cancers. In the latest Cancer Analysis publication, Associate Professor Kavallaris and her team demonstrated that blocking the expression of the bIII-tubulin gene in NSCLC cells led to an increase within their sensitivity to a variety of chemotherapeutic medications..

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