About ProRhythmSince 1997.

About ProRhythmSince 1997, ProRhythm has pioneered in to promote the use of HIFU, the minimally invasive treatment of complex diseases. In recent years has ProRhythm concentrated their efforts on the development of the treatment of a debilitating HIFU arrhythmia, atrial fibrillation. AF is an uncontrollable, rapid heartbeat, that the results will lead to a significant decline in the quality of life and can cause serious complications. Worldwide, more than 6 million people are afflicted with AF and the current treatment options are expensive, often inadequate and non – curative, compared with the case of drug therapy.

The AF ablation procedure commonly called commonly called pulmonary vein ProRhythm proprietary balloon catheter which is inserted through a vein in the leg of the patient and advanced into the left atrium of the heart. Controlled, discrete ablation lesions around the pulmonary veins, HIFU HIFU catheter intended to prevent unwanted electrical impulses from the disturbance of the normal heart rhythm.The Commonwealth Fund is an independent organization which towards healthcare for policy reform and a high level of output the health care system.

Unemployed persons lose its insurance would significant financial support, that 75 to 85 % your health insurance premiums, for their premium Review on levels they paid as they worked while they worked, the report said, nursing sickness insurance during a Recession: Probably COBRA participation authorization, by Michelle M. Principal of survey research at Commonwealth finding and gentlemen.. Countries need any help paying for health insurance, only about a coverage of ten getting COBRA.

As unemployment levels level into 16, find a new analysis by The Commonwealth Fund that some laid-off worker simply 9 per cent – accepted cover under of Group Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act in 2006.

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