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Animal experiments show older antidepressant may reverse heart failure A group of Johns Hopkins and various other researchers have found in animal experiments that an antidepressant developed more than 40 years ago can blunt and even reverse the muscle tissue enlargement and weakened pumping function associated with heart failure. In a report to be published in the Jan forehead . 8 edition of the journal Circulation Analysis, the international group of U.S. And Italian center experts describes in twelve crucial laboratory experiments in rodents how the antidepressant clorgyline, which is normally no longer used in humans, blocks the action of enzyme monoamine oxidase-A and stops its breakdown of an integral neurohormone.

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Annual MRIs Urged Against Breast Cancer Women with an unusually high risk of developing breast cancers should obtain annual MRIs in addition to mammograms, the American Cancer Society advises in fresh guidelines. And a fresh medical study shows that all women diagnosed with breast malignancy should get MRIs newly, too. The scans revealed cancers in the contrary breast which were missed by ordinary mammograms in 3 % of the cancer survivors. We have an extremely powerful device in MRI that can identify cancers that previously possess not been recognized by mammography or medical breast exam, lead researcher Dr. Constance Lehman of the University of Washington INFIRMARY told CBS Information correspondent Barry Bagnato.

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