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Or/Orri is the Jewel in the crown of Israel's easy peelers. a hybrid of varieties Temple and Dancy. Developed at Israel’s plant science dep. - ARO - Vulcani center.

Firm fruit, bright orange color and has a long shelf life. Our region enjoys higher humidity than the shouthern Or grove, enables the most perfect conditions for a state of the art easy peeler.

Very sweet with low acidity with a fine well balanced flavor. The segments are tender, juicy, virtually seedless.

Available from January to March.

Package - open top tray 40X60

European size  1XX 1XX   1X     T. p/p 
Caliber (mm)  75-80 70-76  65-71  61-66  57-62  53-58       
Height 12.3 (cm)     100  121  132  144       
Net weight (Kg)      12.5  12.5 12.0   11.5     85 
Height 14.0 (cm) 72  84               
Net weight (Kg)  13.5 13              75 
Height 16.6 (cm)        Loose Loose  Loose       
Net weight (Kg)        15.0 15.0  15.0      65 

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