Starace work focuses on a process called high harmonic generation.

Starace work focuses on a process called high – harmonic generation, or HHG. Usually weak electronic species, such as hydrogen, neon, or – X-ray created created by focusing an optical laser in atoms of gaseous elements. HHG is the process that energy X-rays energy X-rays, when the laser light interacts with the atoms’ electrons vibrate whereby the electron rapidly and emit X-rays.

Said Starace, lead to the unlocking of the high-performance X-rays may one day, for example, to more powerful and precise X-ray machines, for example, how. He said, heart doctors examination by examination by scanning a patient and creating a 3D hologram or to carry your heart beat in real time.Agree pharmaceuticals companies are developing ALK inhibitors in laboratory and a ALK inhibitor be grown already in the early phase clinical trial lung cancer and lymphoma. Now is Mosse and colleagues Hospital for Children schedule pediatric clinical studies of ALK inhibitors in children with high-risk neuroblastoma. There is an advantage that be able to with active substances which already shown that a safe start for adults, Mosse Date.

Despite the normal role of the ALK gene is not well understood, others previous previously found out that abnormalities in ALK increase the risk of patients for lymphoma and lung cancer. ‘We were the first to identifying mutations of in ALK,’said Mosse added that. In lymphoma and lung cancer, ALK works through translocation of, some other mechanism, that replacement of DNA between chromosomes contains production new cancer-causing fusion.

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